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OCEANEA is my way of sharing the sensual beauty, intimacy and majesty of the Great Feminine Mysteries I am present to while communing with the Ocean - as I have done with great consistency, since beginning the practice in July 2007.  Dancing, ducking and weaving in her waters, along Santa Monica Bay near my home in Venice Beach, California, north and south from Malibu to San Diego, and up to the Central Oregon coast, I have come to know her as a living, breathing entity to whom I can speak and be heard, who has a sense of humor and delight, while carrying the power of all life.  It is she who speaks through the images you will see and feel here.

CIRCLES UNITING tells the story of who we are together - one people, one family of the Earth.  Since 2004 I have had the good fortune to live in over 60 places in five countries - from Cape Town to Glastonbury, Amsterdam to Venice, California.  Being invited into the lives of new friends and old, their homes, community centers and work space, and even residing on a few boats!  Redirecting attention to our essential connection and what becomes possible when we act out of this awareness.  Leading a global conversation for all of our circles uniting.

WELCOME  to the debut of my new on-line Photo Galleries!  To start, there are over 100 images in the Oceanea Gallery for you to enjoy.  In this time when the world is moving at such an accelerated pace, I invite you to give yourself the gift of Stillness and Serenity by really BEING with the Ocean images, and returning here often.  Fine Art Prints and Finished Pieces are available for purchase - from 8 x 10” to 8 feet - including Gift Certificates right here on-line...in plenty of time for the holidays!  So relax...and let yourself feel the wonder of this beautiful life...

ARTIST STATEMENT - “Over the course of several decades producing live events and media within the context of our being “artists of life,”  it is always such a joy to be present when people step up to their higher capacities and bring their unique creative gifts into the world.  What fun, then, that in simply living my life, doing what I love, I should discover photography as a natural gift of mine....and today be able to gift it on - both to share the spirit of these amazingly beautiful moments and as a touchstone to encourage you to bring your own gifts forth!” - Frankie Lee

to visit the galleries, please click on the images below...