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How someone perceives themselves to be, what they like for entertainment, their preferences in music or favorite food can have real value.

However valuable those facts may be, they are the frosting. First you need the cake.

The cake is the long-term life style traits that support your emotional well being and which must survive the attraction phase of a relationship for the frosting to have value.

Only MatchMatrix can identify the four primary energetic alignments you share with another person.

With MatchMatrix you can now discover compatibility before you date or enter into a business relationship. You can find a deeper more profound understanding of your mate and your creative collaborators, and have a closer relationship with your children.

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Frankie Lee recommends ordering your Wealth Dynamics Profile together with Roger Hamilton’s “Your Life Your Legacy” Book or e-Book (that’s Roger on the video!)



Imagine knowing with absolute certainty what strategies are the best ones for YOU to choose to maximize your wealth creation potential. Well, now you can. "Wealth Dynamics" matches your personality, natural style and talents with each of the EIGHT ways to create wealth. so you can discover which path to wealth is the right ONE for you. It only takes 20 minutes to take the test to discover your Wealth Dynamics wealth profile and the 6 steps you need to take to build your wealth. AND you can do it in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Right here, right now...


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If you find there’s something about the Match Matrix system that really makes sense, you can purchase Match Matrix Profiles and MEnU Tokens for yourself and the people in your life!!

The Starter Kit includes your

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