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#1 Sunset Reverie   

#2 Sunglow through the Mist   

#3 Heaven on Earth  

#4 Heceta Head Lighthouse   

#1 Molten Sunset   

#3 White Feather  

#4 Cobalt Blue   

# 2 Santa Monica Bay Pastel

Group B - OREGON COAST Selection
The OCEANEA Collection

  Size     Holiday Price

 8.5 x 11"         $ 150              Museum Quality Photograph (print only)

  18 x 24"          1200              ...with Floating Laminate on Aluminum Finish 

  24 x 32"          1750              ...with Floating Laminate on Aluminum Finish

Size     Holiday Price

    16 x 24"       $   390               Museum Quality Photograph (print only)

    20 x 30"          1450              ...with Floating Laminate on Aluminum Finish

    24 x 36"          1950              ...with Floating Laminate on Aluminum Finish


IT'S EASY! - We are offering eight Original Custom Images from Frankie Lee’s OCEANEA Collection at our Special Offering Prices. 

Simply choose the Group and Size (Fine Art Print or FInished Piece) you want.  Then click on the PayPal button.  You will receive a proof of purchase confirmation from PayPal straight away, and we will e-mail you a Personalized OCEANEA Gift Certificate within 24 hours following.  Pricing includes packing, shipping and taxes within the continental United States.  * Additional arrangements can be made for international orders.

Finished Pieces appear "frameless," in an elegant archival laminating process especially selected to convey the wet reflective quality of the Ocean.  They are floated away from the wall on aluminum substrate which further adds to the visceral feeling of being within the experience!  

PLEASE NOTE - Orders are for Original Custom photographs and finished pieces, therefore sales are final upon purchase. Special Offering prices are based on group production rates.

Looking for a Gift - for yourself or the special people in your life - one that really reflects what you feel in your Heart?  Give a Gift of lush sensual beauty and intimacy with the great mysteries embodied in these beautiful art prints of the Ocean by Frankie Lee Slater.   Shot along the California and Oregon coasts through a deeply meditative process all her own, they provide an intimate connection with the Oceanic quality we all long to know, made possible through Frankie Lee's lifetime exploration of the sacred feminine and the quality of presence.

CARE TO MAKE A SPECIALTY ORDER FROM THROUGHOUT THE COLLECTION? Perhaps a large scale piece for the home that will create a beautiful soothing environment for everyone!  Or donate a piece with your personal or company plaque to your local hospital, community center or library that will bring enduring value for so many.  We’re happy to work with you at our regular prices, and deliver Gift Certificates in time for these too!

Additional Possibilities...
Large Commissioned Pieces & a Wide Selection in all Sizes are Available!
TO INQUIRE BY PHONE, CALL: 310-266-2202 or  contact us by email:  by clicking here !mailto:photos@frankieleeslater.com?subject=PHOTO%20ORDER%20-%20Oceanea!
Group A - CALIFORNIA COAST Selection
Our Special Offering - HOW IT WORKS!
TO VIEW THE OCEANEA GALLERY ON-LINE click here !Oceanea_Gallery.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0