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The Artist of LIFE Equation

                                  Frankie Lee Slater

  To be human is to be creative.  It is this impulse to innovate and create which distinguishes human beings as we who are created in the image and likeness

  We are creating all the time, whether we do so consciously or not.  Our lives and the world as we know it, is directly correlate with our current state of conscious awareness and integrity in living according  to it

  To create the lives and world we really want, we must do so with skill and awareness (= art).  This is “the art of living” and pathway to our higher destiny

  How we identify ourselves and our world determines what we perceive to be possible, the choices we make and the actions we take.  When we relate to who we are as “artists of life” it serves as a daily reminder  of our greater human capacity.  Reality is what we make constant

  Each of us comes into the world whole and complete, with unique gifts to give.  These are the things that come naturally to us, which we love and where we naturally contribute, that support and sustain us throughout our life’s journey, to the degree we are living in alignment with them

  We and the Earth are evolving in consciousness.  As we awaken to the interdependent nature of our world, the false perception of “separation” is giving way to a deeper understanding that we are only, ever and always connected.   When we embrace this greater truth and allow it to inform our choices, we will have access to the greatest resource that has ever existed – the collective ingenuity of our 6-1/2-billion member human family

  The new skill level for this new time on the planet is that of conscious co-creating with one another and with Creation itself. Every day more and more people are awakening to this understanding.  Early co-creators have arrived at a certain consistency.  All of us have a long way to go – for what we are experiencing is a pinnacle moment in a 14-billion year process, where the dynamic force that sparked the universe is becoming present to its own creative nature, in and through us, you and me, all of humanity, simultaneously and exponentially

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