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    Bamboo straws

    2022/6/13      view:
    Speaking of straws, I can't help but want to give you Amway's bamboo straws!

    No matter from the visual or auditory point of view, it has the "Oriental charm" of our Chinese style, doesn't it?

    And it is simply the gospel of environmentalism. When it comes to the most environmentally friendly straw material, it is definitely the bamboo straw. Whether it is in the production process or after use, the impact on the environment is minimal.

    Without further ado, let's take a look at it in real!

      ●Name: "Hexiang" bamboo straw
      ●Material: the original ecological selected bamboo
      ●Color: original bamboo color
      ●Shape: Cylindrical, hollow
      ●Usage: Suitable for various purposes [both hot and cold]
      Packaging: independent paper packaging, transparent OPP packaging, environmentally friendly cloth bag packaging (recyclable)

      Our bamboo straws are all made of three-year-old Nanzhu. According to the excellent properties of bamboo stalks, we choose bamboo materials with good characteristics of anti-shattering, anti-deformation and wear resistance. Only one in a hundred can make a good straw!

    ●The gift of nature, green and healthy, bamboo grows fast, will not cause soil erosion, can be degraded in the natural environment, and will not pollute the environment
    ●Using natural drying process to retain the original fragrance of bamboo; high temperature sterilization, high temperature drying, no carcinogenic plasticizer
    The nozzle is round and not wound, no paint or wax, safe to use, no bamboo knots and no blockage, easy to clean, and easy to carry.